Getresponse vs Leadpages | Deciding of the winner for your landing page campaigns

Hey, are you struggling to choose between Getresponse vs Leadpages? In this article, I put both services head to head, and help you to find out which is best for your needs

If you have your own website you must need a landing page for it, there are tons of software tools available. we’ll discuss these two in this article

To help you make a decision, I’ll compare the two based on:

An Introduction to Getresponse vs Leadpages

Email marketing is the fastest way to build your audience, If you have a blog, you must use email marketing to convert your viewers into Subscribers.

But, in order to use a landing page, we all need a tool. There are several tools available on the market, but we are going to focus on two.

The first is Getresponse

Getresponse vs Leadpages

This is one of the most popular, comprehensive email marketing tools. It provides services that can take your email marketing journey to a top-notch level and you can also create high-converting landing page

with the help of this tool, you can automate your email campaigns at your fingertips

On the other hand, we have Leadpages

Getresponse vs leadpages

With the help of Leadpages, you can collect email subscribers. This tool provides bulk templates that you can use for your webinars, lead magnets, and landing pages in order to grow your email list.


Let’s check out what Getresponse vs Leadpages have to offer

Getresponse features

  • Helps to manage and Build your email list
  • Automated email sends to your subscribers
  • Drag and Drop pre-made templates of Landing page builder which helps to customize your landing page as you like
  • It provides E-commerce marketing automation to enhance sales and business growth
  • You can easily do A/B testing for multiple landing pages
  • You can easily create sign-up forms
  • With one click, you can integrate with e-commerce platforms and other tools
  • You can run Paid ads, and you can connect with your audience any time

Leadpages Features

  • just drag and drop to customize your landing page, opt-in forms, and websites
  • You can run an A/B split test on your landing pages
  • Integrate with 90+ apps and tools-with the help of Zapier you can integrate more than 1k+ apps
  • You can run ads like FB ads
  • Provides free hosting to make your landing page an online presence

I’ve found that Getresponse has more features than Leadpages. If you own a small business and have a monthly of 5k visitors to your website I prefer Leadpages over Getresponse. In my personal opinion, I prefer Getrsponse

Winner: Getresponse


Getresponse has 4 pricing plans:

  • Free — Send 2500 newsletters/month, You can create and publish 1 landing page and website
  • Email Marketing Plan – (Costs $15.58/month) Unlimited email and landing pages Do A/B test between landing pages, You can automate welcome and thank you emails and automate them also have autoresponders to them, Do Paid ads, and Lead magnet funnels
  • Marketing Automation Plan —(Costs $48.38/month) Same Features from Email Marketing Plan, and Automation emails templates build from scratch, contact tagging and scoring, Push notifications limited, payment integrations, Promo codes, Live webinars, web push notifications, sale and webinar funnels
  • E-commerce Marketing — (Costs $97.58/month) Same features from Marketing automation plan, E-commerce tracking, Abandoned cart triggers, Promo codes, Paid webinars, unlimited web push notifications

On the other hand, Leadpages has 3 plans:

  • Standard — (Costs $37/month ) This is the basic plan in Leadpages with this plan you can create high-converting landing pages with drag-and-drop builders
  • Pro — (Costs $74/month) This is the best plan in Leadpages it allows you to do A/B testing, Advanced email automatons, and reporting and analytics
  • Advanced —(Costs contact with their specialist) If you have a large no of audience then go with this plan

Getresponse standard plan starts from $15.58 and the Leadpages Pro plan starts from $74/month. When it comes to features of Leadpages Pro plan it has all features including CMS, Automation marketing, and Advanced analytics. Both providers offer discounts while you pay annually.

Leadpges scored one point in my opinion based on the price scenario.

Winner: Leadpages

Landing page Builder

A Landing page is a page where you can collect your audience’s emails, and send them to a new page or send some resources like free E-books, Free Guides, and so on to their personal mail.

Getresponse landing page

Getrespone has 200 drag-and-drop free landing page templates

Getresponse landing page

All these templates are mobile friendly and you can create mutliple category Landing pages like video landing pages, sales page, webinar registration pages, Giveaway pages, and Business websites or you can made from scratch custom page

These landing pages have a drag-and-drop editor to make your landing page seem as good as possible.

Leadpages landing page

Leadpages has 250+ High-quality Landing page templates you can use from.

Use these templates in various pages like webinars, Free courses, E-books etc… you can get lots of designs based on your industries like Business marketing, entertainment, creative service, insurance, and so on

Leadpages Landing page

I choose Leadpages Landing page builder after comparing all Aspects of these two providers

Winner: Leadpages

A/B Testing

If you have more than 1 Landing page A/B test is important to do. Because A/B testing is one of the effective ways to know about your landing page data with this data you can optimize the content in your landing pages and determine which page performs better in the market.

GetResponse A/B testing

with the A/B test you can get complete stats of various pages, these stats you get to know which page is performing well and which is not

You can get a lot of insights into your landing pages like CTR’s, Engaged audiences, best-performing designs, Call-to-action etc… with these stats, you can optimize it to get better results.

You can also do many tests on other elements with the help of the GetResponse A/B test system

Leadpages A/B test

This builder also has A/B testing, Leadpages gives a lot of details about selected landing page campaigns, With the help of the A/B test you are able to analyze the full stats of two different pages.

You can do a split test of various pages and get a lot of details and optimize it for your sales or other marketing actions

This A/B test is beneficial in creating the best landing page for your website.

Both services’ landing page A/B testing is the same from my perspective. I like Leadpages for only landing pages.

Winner: Leadpages


GetResponse Integration

GetResponse is integrated with more than 45+ services including popular likeZzapier, google sheets, WordPress, Shopify, etc..

You can be integrated with YouTube, Fb, Bing, and easily integrated with PayPal too

LeadPages Integration

LeadPages is integrated with 26 services and includes all famous and popular SAAS, CRM services too.

You may share u’r Landing page to social media like FB, yt, Bing, etc.. to get more traffic to your page and get more audience than you deserve

In my point according to Integration services, GetResponse has more services than LeadPages. In this both services you can build your own integration with API’s

winner: Getresponse

Free Plans Comparison

When you’re new to blogging or a new business owner. you may not have the funds to invest in the Pro plans of these two providers. So, you go with the fee plans

GetResponse Free Plan

You can easily build and run a single Landing page for free, Use sign up, pop up forms to get more leads and get space for up to 500 contacts

You may also create and host a single Website with 5GB bandwidth and also run email marketing campaigns in this free plan(Up to send 2000 Newsletters/month)

LeadPages Free

Leadpages does not have a free plan, however, it does offer a 14-day free trial.

With that free trial you can create stunning landing pages and generate leads, as well as A/B test different pages and collect detailed statistics.

In terms of Free plans, Getresponse is the finest plan to go with. It offers landings, Forms, Website for free of cost

Winner: Getresponse

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Getresponse vs Leadpages: Which service you should try

Both getresponse and Leadpages have lots of useful features and their prices are decent. But each service had different unique features

  • Getresponse: It has tons of landing page templates to use and you can create highly converted landing pages for your sales, website, and webinars
    It is not only a landing page platform it also offers a lot of marketing offers like email marketing, automation, webinars, and more
  • When it comes to Leadpages it only offers Landing page creation and you can do A/B testing for those Landing pages

If your motto is only for creating LandingPages I prefer you to go with Leadpages. But you have other automation options I prefer Getresponse

Final Thoughts

So there you go!

Choosing the right Landing page builder for your Business is not that easy. You should select Getresponse or Leadpages based on the entire comparison.

Now it’s time to roll up your sleeves and get to work

Remember while choosing a landing page builder don’t purchase quickly check thoroughly on the internet there are lots of blogs on these topics check and pick on your specific needs

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Getresponse vs Tinyemail Kinsta pricing

I hope you loved this article… if you love this article share it on social media

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