Kinsta Pricing: Is it Worth purchasing in 2023

Kinsta is one of the best Cloud Hosting platforms I’ve ever used, I can confidently say that Kinsta is an Excellent tool. But what about the Kinsta pricing?

In this article, I’ll go through the full details of Kinsta Pricing, So you should choose the appropriate plan for your Business or Company.

What is Kinsta

Kinsta is a Cloud Hosting platform. It helps companies to manage their web projects quickly and efficiently. Kinsta is specially designed for WordPress hosting, focusing on your websites’ security, Speed, and Performance.

Kinsta provides Website owners with complete control over their Websites.

It provides User-friendly Dashboard for owners to manage their hosting, obtain website Analytics, Install SSL certificates, add Domains, and get customer support access.

kinsta pricing
Kinsta Pricing Table

Kinsta Managed WordPress Hosting plans

Kinsta Provides 4 pricing plans :

  • Starter Plan
  • Pro Plan
  • Business Plans
  • Enterprise Plan

Okay we’ll discuss the full features of those plans one by one

Starter Plan

If you’re Beginner and willing to start a blog or looking for the best hosting plan for your business, the Starter plan is best for you.


These are the monthly and annual plans

  • 35$ USD/Month
  • 350$ USD/Annual – 2 months free


  • 1 WordPress Install
  • 25,000 visitors
  • 100 GB CDN, Free SSL
  • 10 GB Storage
  • 1 Premium migration and Unlimited free migrations
  • Build in AMP tool
  • 14 days backup retention

Pro Plan

The pro plan is good for small to medium-business websites.


  • 70 USD per month
  • 7000 USD per Year


  • 2 Worpress Installs
  • 50,000 Visitors
  • 200 GB CDN, Free SSL
  • 20 GB storage
  • 2 Premium migrations and Unlimited free Migrations
  • 2 PHP workers
  • 14 days refund policy

Business plan

Kinsta offers four business plans. I’ll go over everything individually and let you know which plan you should go with.

As per Kinsta, you want to set up an online store, They would recommend you go with Business Plan.

If you are the owner of a high-traffic website, a small agency, a small company owner, or a freelancer who manages multiple websites, This business plan has been made for you.


Business Plan 1Business Plan 2Business Plan 3Business Plan 4
$340 USD per month
$3400 USD per year
$340 USD per month
$3400 USD per year
$450 USD per month
$4500 USD per year
$450 USD per month
$4500 USD per year


Business Plan 1Business Plan 2Business Plan 3Business Plan 4
5 Website installs10 Website installs20 Website installs40 Website installs
1,00,000 visitors2,50,000 visitors4,00,000 visitors6,00,000 visitors
400 GB CDN600 GB CDN800 GB CDN1200 GB CDN
30 GB Storage40 GB Storage50 GB Storage60 GB Storage
3 Premium migrations3 Premium migrations3 Premium migrations4 Premium migrations
4 PHP Workers 4 PHP Workers 6 PHP Workers 6 PHP Workers
14 Days Refund Policy14 Days Refund Policy14 Days Refund Policy14 Refund Policy

Enterprise Plan

Only major organizations with over 2 million visitors to their websites are qualified to purchase the Enterprise Plan. Enterprise Plan may hold up to 150 websites.


Enterprise plan 1Enterprise plan 2Enterprise plan 3Enterprise plan 4
$675USD per month
$6750 USD per year
$1000 USD per month
$10,000 USD per year
$1350 USD per month
$13,500 USD per year
$1650 USD per month
$16500 USD per year


Enterprise plan 1Enterprise plan 2Enterprise plan 3Enterprise plan 4
60 Website installs80 Website installs120 Website installs150 Website installs
1,000,000 visitors1,500,000 visitors2,000,000 visitors2,500,000 visitors
2000 GB CDN3000 GB CDN4000 GB CDN6000 GB CDN
100 GB Storage150 GB Storage200 GB Storage250 GB Storage
5 Premium migrations5 Premium migrations5 Premium migrations5 Premium migrations
8 PHP Workers 10 PHP Workers 12 PHP Workers 14 PHP Workers
30 Days Refund Policy30 Days Refund Policy30 Days Refund Policy30 Days Refund Policy

Kinsta Pricing Pros & Cons


  • Speed Uptime Performance: Website speed 1.1sec & no downtime in 45 days straight
  • Intuitive Backend system: Easier to navigate than the C-panel
  • Server Locations: 24 different server locations worldwide
  • Support: They are responsive at any time and they are willing to help
  • Features: Provide custom site caching & free daily automatic backup
  • Website Migrations: Offers for free


  • Pricing: Kinsta pricing is slightly high than compared to other managed hostings like Cloudways(Kinsta pricing in monthly plans starts at 35$ whereas Cloudways plan is 11$)


Kinsta full Review 


Kinsta is cloud platform is designed to help companies for Managed WordPress Hosting, Dedicated database and Applications.

There are some Kinsta alternatives like,

  1. Cloudways
  2. Wp Engine
  3. WPX hosting

Unfortunately, Kinsta has no Free Trail, It offers a 35$ trail instead

If you’re Confused about which Hosting you want to go with, I prefer Kinsta because it has High Reliability, Support, and Performance. When it comes to easy to use I like you go with Bluehost. Kinsta pricing is slightly high if you’re a beginner go with Bluehost.

Kinsta’s default PHP memory limit is (256MB) usually enough for most WordPress plugins and sites. If your site is correctly configured at Kinsta, you should rarely encounter memory limit errors.

In this article I’ve discussed Kinsta pricing plans very clearly


This is the overall Kinsta pricing, If you’re a beginner or an advanced user looking for the best overall hosting provider on the market, Kinsta is a solid option you seriously considered. I recommend you go with Kinsta

If you have a tighter budget I won’t recommend you to go with Kinsta. Are you willing to know about other hosting providers’ pricing plans click here I’m provided a full guide on it.

I hope this article will help you to get information bout Kinsta pricing if you like this article follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest for the latest updates.

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